Xiaomi Youpin Topcreating DK450 1.7L / 1800W Stainless Steel Glass Kitchen Electric Water Kettle Temperature Color Light Display ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Description :

XIAOMI TOPCREATING DK450 1.7L / 1800W Stainless Steel Glass Electric Water Kettle Temperature Color Light Display Electric Kettle   

- Light That Changes As The Water Temperature Changes

Through the built-in temperature sensor, the water in the kettle changes from low temperature to high temperature and the light changes with temperature. High-temperature red light reminder, safety against burns.

- German Glass Pot Safe And Heavy Metal Free

The body of the kettle is made of glass from Germany. It has the advantages of impact resistance, cold and heat resistance, stable composition and no harmful substances. It is also very durable.

- Good Thermal Conductivity And Good Rust Resistance
304 stainless steel has a good appearance and corrosion resistance, which improves the durability and safety of the kettle.

- Safety Anti-Dry, 10,000 Life Test
British STRIX thermostat can accurately control temperature and last for more than 10 years.

- Automatic Power Failure Protection
Built-in water boiling 15 seconds automatic power-off protection, 20 seconds waterless dry burning automatic power-off protection.

- 5 Minutes Fast Boiling
1800W large function fast heating, only five minutes to let the water boil.

- 1.7L Large Capacity
Large capacity design to meet the drinking needs of a family

Specification :

Brand TOPCREATING ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand ) 
Model DK450
Material  304 Stainless Steel
Weight  1.5Kg
Size  Product Size: 258 x 200 x 150mm
Power 1800W
Capacity 1.7L

Package Includes :

1 x Electric Water Kettle













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