Dense Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 70cm
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Dense Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 70cm Description Stunningly beautiful, this 70cm real touch fiddle leaf fig tree (with basic black planter) will never need any water or on-going maintenance. If you are looking for an authentic-looking tree without the difficulty of keeping it alive, the faux fiddle tree is perfect. A leading product among interior decorators/designers and home stylists due to its bold and lush looking leaves. This authentic-looking tree will perfectly complement any home, the office or cafe with ease. Quality This artificial fiddle leaf tree has a superb single trunk with a wide range of leaves spreading out from the top. All trees are hand assembled and checked over prior to being sent off to ensure they are free from defects. Where Can I Use My Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig? We would suggest that this plant is perfectly suited to a corner of a room, or either side of a piece of furniture to bring a sense of relaxation throughout the room. Also perfect for board rooms or functions rooms where you wish to break up constant white walls or furniture.

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1 x Dense Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 70cm


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