ISWEEP M60 Household Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 700W Strong Suction Handheld Push Rod Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Appliance ( FREE SHIPPING )
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M-60 Household Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Strong Suction Handheld Push Rod Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

1. Strong suction, high-speed absorption of garbage
2. Regardless of the electrostatic adsorption of dust, or hair and paper scraps, all easily solved
3. Dust Separation: Efficient 5-layer filtration without loss of material
4. Conical Cyclone Filtration: Through the cyclone, the dust is separated deeper and the air is discharged more cleanly.
5. Environmentally Friendly Washing: The filter is made of PP material and micro-woven cotton, which can be washed directly like a dust cup.

6. Flexible Interface Design: The ground brush interface design is more flexible, rotating up and down 70°,360° left and right, can be adjusted according to the home environment up and down, easy to clean the bottom of the home.
7. Round Brush: The brush of the round brush has a nylon brush, which is suitable for cleaning the surface of irregular objects, has a good cleaning effect, and can protect your furniture.
8. Flat Nozzle Suction: Easy to clean window gaps, radiator gaps, computers, corners, etc.

9. Bed Sheet Brush: It is mainly used for floating dust on the surface of textiles such as sofas, curtains, and pillows.


Basic Parameters Model M-60
Type Vacuum Cleaner
  • Suction Efficiency
Dust Box Capacity 1.0L
Noise <70dB
  Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 700W
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Product Net Weight 2.0kg












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