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Material: ABS, Rubber

Color: Black+White

Rated Voltage: 6V

Rated Power: 8W

Battery: 4 x AA Battery(not included)

Plug: US Plug(We will be based on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)

Input: 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.2A

Output: 6V 1A

Dimensions: (L)X(H) 18.5x22cm /7.28"x8.66"(appr.)

Inner Diameter: 54~68cm

Outer Diameter: 69~77cm

Suitable for head circumference: 54~68cm


● Intensity is adjustable by adjusting the inner diameter.


● Having vibrating, hot compress and air pressure massaging modes with different functions.

● Having a good effect in releasing pressure, maintaining brain, promoting sleep, soothing the nerves.

● The head massager is equipped with 3 different massage time setting: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

● The head massager possesses 3 different types of music: Alleviate physical and mental, gentle environment and natural sounds(with earphone).

● There is a manual program to select your desired massage mode combination(air pressure massage, hot compress function or vibration massage).

● An adjustable knob and reference line are convenient for you to adjust the distance between the head and the massager accurately according to your head circumference.

● There are 4 different massage modes: Automatic massage mode, air pressure massage modes, vibration massage mode, hot compress massage mode.


Preparation before use:

Battery installation:

- Open the battery compartment cover at the back of the controller.

- Insert 4 x AA batteries into the compartment.

- Please ensure that the (+) and (-) polarities of the batteries are fitted correctly.

- Close the battery cover once the batteries have been properly installed.

Install power adapter:

- Connect power adapter with controller, then insert the plug into power socket.

Wearing of Head Massager:

- Put the head massager on the head, and ensure that the front portion of the product does not cover your eyes.

- To adjustable the size of the head massager by an adjustable knob at both sides of the product; the figure instruction on the side of knob is help for users keeping the product balanced on both sides.

- After adjusting the size of the head massage, please the button to start the massage program.



- Before cleaning, please make sure the power switch has been shut down, power adaptor has been disconnected or batteries have been removed out.

- Please use a dry cloth to clean the surface of the head massager.

Storage Method:

- After wiping off smudge and dust, if the head massager were not to be used for a long period of time, please cover it with a dustproof cover(self-provided).



- Please do not continuously use the Head Massager over 15 minutes.

- Don't use the Head Massager in a terribly hot or damp environment.

- Please keep the Head Massager away from liquid, to avoid causing malfunction or electric shock.

- Please use alkaline batteries for optimum performance.

- Please do not use the Head Massager while lying down.

- Please do not use this Head Massager together with other therapeutic equipment.

- Please do not use this Head Massager for treatment.

- This Head Massager is designed for household, non-commercial use.

- During use, if you feel abnormal, please stop using this Head Massager and consult your doctor immediately.

Following people must consult their doctor before use:

1. People who are using electronic medical instruments embedded in the body, such as cardiac pacemakers, etc.

2. Patients are being treated by a doctor, especially those who fell uncomfortable.

3. Malignant tumor patients, heart disease patients, acute patients, and patients with eye disease.

4. Patients with the head disease.

5. Pregnant or menstruating women.

6. Patients with osteoporosis or fracture spine.

7. Patients with disturbance of blood circulation caused by diabetes or some other disease.

8. People whose body temperature is over 38 degrees(Febrile Phase).

Kind Reminding:

- Other malfunction.

- With the smell of burning.
- The power cord is overheating.

- During daily use, please be sure to check.

- Whether the head massager has the following symptoms.

- When the lead wire is touched, the power is on, but sometimes not.


Package Included:

1 x Head Massager

1 x Controller

1 x AC Adapter

1 x Earphone











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