4 in 1 Electric Hair Remover Face Eyebrow Trimmer Razor Facial Painless Epilator (SOLD OUT)
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1. Safe shave. Not pulling and will not cause coarse pore. 

2. No influence on perspiration.Painless, no hurt to your skin and sweat gland. 

3. The use of stainless steel can be used thousands of times. 

4. The blade is wearable and flat for tidy hair removal and insurance of smooth skin. 

5. After the machine work, the blade can be washed with water. 

6. 1Pcs AA battery is enough to serve you for 3 months. 

7. Please tender and smooth skin aftershave. 

8. Mini size, portable, easy to carry and suitable for traveling. 



1. Product name: Hair Shaver

2. Color: Pink 

3. Gender: Female 

4. Power: 1 x AA Battery(Not included) 

5. Material: ABS+Stainless Steel 

6. Size: 130*30*25mm 


Package Included: 

1X Host 

1X Embroidered eyebrow cutter head 

1X Long hair cutter head 

1X Cleaning brush 

1X Nose hair cutter head 

1X Short hair cutter head


Note: Please read the user manual carefully before using it. 













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