Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter AUX Play LED Light Color Screen MP3 USB Car Charger Bakeey QC3.0 3.5mm ( FREE SHIPPING )
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1. The car-borne Bluetooth MP3 supports handsfree call, built-in high-sensitivity microphone, HSP background noise, and echo suppression.

2. 1.77-inch TFT color screen displays lyrics, song name, playing status and other information.

3. Automatic detection of the battery voltage, voice alert, and instant voltage viewing.

4. Bluetooth smart MP3 player, supporting mobile phone/network / all kinds of Music App software playing

5. Support mainstream map app navigation voice broadcast and QQ / WeChat other software language broadcast functions

6. Support lossless audio decoding, high resolution, high-performance stereo, support WMA, ape, FLAC, WAV, and other lossless music formats. (97% of on-board Bluetooth on the market does not support FLAC and ape formats)

7. Support TF card and U-disk extended playback

8. With the upgraded version of torquing 5.0 Bluetooth chip, the connection is more stable and the automatic connection back is faster.

9. Dual USB car charging, qc3.0 rapid charging: 3A / 3.6-6.5v, 2A / 6.5-9v, 1.5a/9-12v + intelligent identification charging 5V / 2.4a. The charging speed of qc3.0 is 4 times higher than that of 5V / 1a (the phone needs to support qc3.0 function)

10. Support playback breakpoint memory function.

11. Support high-quality audio output of Φ 3.5mm AUX AUDIO INTERFACE

12. Support key operation to switch folder playback

13. Knob design, one-button operation to adjust volume / answer / end / call back


Product parameters:

1. Working voltage: 12V-24V

2. USB output voltage: DC / 5V

3. Dual USB charging: usb-1 qc3.0 rapid charging: 5V / 3A (max), 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A + USB-25V / 2.4A intelligent fast charging)

4. bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

5. Effective distance: about 10m

6. Launch distance: < 5m

7. Support TF Card / U disk capacity: ≤ 64GB

8. Voltage detection range: 6-30V

9. Power mode: power supply of cigarette lighter

10. Bit rate: 64-320kbps

11. Harmonic distortion: < 0.05% FM: < 0.1%)

12. SNR: 85dB (FM: 65dB)

13. File support type: MP3 / wma / APE / FLAC / WAV

14. FM frequency range: 87.5-108MHz (100kHz step)

15. Product size: 70 * 62 * 205mm

16. Product weight: 91.5g



1* USB Car Charger+1* Display


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