Professional Wooden 2.1 bluetooth 60W Multimedia Speaker Subwoofer ECHO Loudspeaker With Dual Wireless Mic Remote Control - Standard (SOLD OUT)
Product Code: ODS-XBG-1537573 (SOLD OUT)
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Package Included:
1x Amplifier
2x Speakers
1x Remote Control
2x Microphones
1x Audio Line
1x User Manual

* Wooden Cavity: Lower the cavity resonance effectivity, provide thick & authentic timbre.
* HiFi Quality Sound: With the 4-inch bass units & 3-inch midrange and tweeter modules. In terms of tone quality, its treble is bright, mediant is mellow, and the subwoofer is full of texture.
* Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker System: Lets you stream music from most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including select mobile phones, MP3 players, computers and tablets.
* Guide Hole Design: Combined with the unique sound intensity & acoustic structure, making the music more penetrating, restoring the real tone quality.
* USB/SD input for direct playback of MP3 songs from USB memory devices such as SD card, USB flash drives, and USB MP3 players.
* Fully equipped karaoke and HiFi system with 2 extra microphone inputs.
* Comes with 2 Wireless Microphones: Sing without wires.
* Remote Control Included: Easily select functions with the remote control.
* Ideal for a wide range of events from Karaoke Parties to club meetings.

Color: Black
Material: Wooden
Output Power: 60W
SNR:  ≥75DB
Rated Impedance: 4 ohms
Speaker Size: 4 inch + 3 inch x 2
Main Speaker Frequency Response: 40Hz-300Hz
Sub-Speaker Frequency Response: 200Hz-20KHz
Amplifier Size: 300x240x185mm
Speaker Size: 260x120*110mm

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