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Metal UHF wireless microphone system LED display/signal stability

Karaoke Microphone 4 Channel Receiver with 4 handheld Microphones also 4 channels can work without interference at the same time

Using quartz oscillation circuit, high-frequency stability

The audio compression - extension technology, greatly reduce noise, dynamic range

A receiver using a multilevel high-frequency amplifier has a very high degree of sensitivity

Noise level locking double mute control, noninterference more machine used at the same time

Has a balance and imbalance way audio output

Wide frequency response range, low distortion



Product Name: UHF wireless microphone system

Material: metal


42cm x 21cm x 4.5cm/16.5 x 8.3 x 1.8inch(for UHF diversity receiver)

25.5cm x 5cm/10 x 2inch(for single microphone)


Comprehensive Parameters

RF carrier frequency range: 500-800 MHz(the depends on the technical specifications of the system)

Use Distance: 50-150 meters in an open area

RF stability: +/-0.005%(-10°C-50°C)

Offset: +/-40KHz with companding and automatic volume limit circuit

S/N RATIO: >100db

Distortion: <0.5% weighting 1KHz

Frequency response range: 50Hz-18KHz+/-3dB


Receiver Parameters 

Receiving mode: non-diversityreceiving (automaticswitching diversityreceiving)

Oscillation mode:quartz control

Sensitivity: entering 6dBmvs/8OdB whenthe offsetisequalto 40KHZ

Harmonic interference ratio: >80dB

lmage interference ratio:> 70dB


Handheld Microphone

Handheld RF stability: 0.005%(-10°C-50°C)

RF output power: 19mW

Oscillation mode: quartz control

Harmonic radiation: <-55dBc<-40dBc

Maximum input sound pressure: 130dB

Microphone head: capacitive or moving-coil type

The battery used: 1.5V(9V)


Package Included:

1 x 4 Channel Receiver  

1 x UHF Diversity Receiver

4 x Handheld Microphones

1 x 110V/220V Supply Power

1 x 1/4inch Connecting Cable

1 x Original Box

1 x English User Manual

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