J.I.Y F4 4 Channel USB Bluetooth Audio Mixer with Reverb Effect for Home Karaoke Live Stage Performance ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Model: C91151

Name:Mini 4 Channel USB bluetooth Portable Mixer Live Studio Audio Mixing Console 

Material: Metal+plastic

Input channel: 4 channels

Input: 220V AC 50Hz

Phantom supply voltage:+48V

Consumed power :18 W

Size(approx): 23.5x20x3.5cm

Maximum input level of microphone: +24dBu

Maximum input level of line: +24dBu

Maximum output level: +26dBu

Main level meter: 5 stage led

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz + 0.5dB

Common mode rejection ratio (MIC 1kHz): > 75dB

Total nil distortion (THD+N): < 0.01% (channel input to mixer output).

Crosstalk (1kHz): > 85dB

Noise (22Hz to 22KHz): equivalent input noise -116dbu residual output noise < -80dbu

Mono / stereo channel EQ:

High frequency, broom type, +/-15db, 12KHz

Low frequency, broom type, +/-15db, 80KHz

High / medium frequency, peak valley type. +/-15db, 2.5KHz

Fit for:applicable to the family KTV, campus speech, meeting etc.



- Can connect wired/wireless/capacitor microphone, applicable to the family KTV, campus speech, meeting, etc.

- Built-in reverb effect, by adjusting knob to adjust the reverb depth and delay effect

- USB/MP3 Jack, USB Jack can be connected to U disk or MP3 and other portable audio equipment

- You can call up professional audio

- 3 stage equalization regulate, by adjusting knob to adjust the reverb depth and delay effect.

- Two sets of stereo output, one earphone monitor and one auxiliary effect output.

- There are 6 modes of music: nature, rock, jazz, classical, Soft, Mega bass. 

- Bluetooth access in one second. Built-in Bluetooth function to support wireless docking of most Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices. 


Package included:

1x Mixing Console

1x AC Power Adapter

1x User Manual



- Do not use this device near the TV, radio, stereo, cell phone or another electronic device, or it may cause noise.

- Please use a soft dry cloth for cleaning equipment

- Do not set any equalizer and level knob to the maximum position, otherwise, it may cause acoustic feedback and damage the speaker.


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