3 in 1 Computer Speakers USB Power Bass Stereo Subwoofer Speaker Phone Computer Laptop PC - Yellow
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1. Excellent Sound: Double vibrating diaphragms, subwoofer bass; 2 pieces IC in satellite speakers which will make treble output be clear and accurate.
2. Stereo Design: Subwoofer is from Main Speaker, treble is from satellite speakers. 2.1 Computer Speakers, USB powered speakers, you can freely combine three speakers with your mood.
3. Simple Set-Up: USB Power DC 5V for portability, 3.5mm jack aux output. Plug and Play. There is a Turn On/Off button and a volume knob.
Total RMS Power and Size: 11W(5W+2*3W).
4.Electroplating shell, good quality material. Bring shock bass and treble.


Model Number: K11
Optional Color: Black, White, Yellow
Main Speaker Size: 153mm*95mm*100mm
Satellite Speakers Size: 77mm*55mm*58mm
Material: ABS
Power Output: 3W+3W+5W
Connecting Jack: 3.5mm
Power Supply: USB

Package Included:

1x Main Speaker
2x Satellite Speakers
1x USB Cable

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