Food Vacuum Sealer DZ-108 220V Mini Automatic Vacuum Packer Vacuum Compression Food Packaging Machine With Vacuum Bags ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Description :

220V Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine Mini Automatic Vacuum Packer Household Vacuum Food Packaging Machine

- Strong power: Two vacuum pumps, high vacuuming speed, high efficiency
- Intelligent vacuum: Simplicity of operator, quality stable
- Wet and dry dual-use: Continuous press 2 times (vacuum sealing key), it can extract the surface of oil and water food.
- Multi-packet operation: It can be a one-time package of multiple products and greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

- Separate seal: The vacuum seal is a non - destructive seal with high efficiency. 
- Soft vacuum: You can extract arbitrary air as much as you want if the product is soft.
- External pumping vacuum: The machine can vacuum storage bag, vacuum tank, red wine stopper.
- Security and protection: It has multiple safety protection designs and PCB overload protection.
Specification :

Material  Plastic
Color  White
Weight  1 KG
Size  37 x 5.5 x 10 cm
Voltage Rating 220V AC
Plug EU Plug
Power Rating 100 W / 50 HZ
Vacuum Degree -0.58bar

Package Includes :

1 x Vacuum Sealing Machine
1 x Connecting Pipe
1 x User Manual (English)
1 x Start Kit 



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