Coffee Maker Machine Automatic Insulation Portable Tea Drip Machine - VDE MD-259T 1.5L 800W ( FREE SHIPPING )
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FXUNSHI MD-259T 1.5L 800W Automatic Insulation Drip Coffee Machine Maker Portable Tea Machine

- Smart touch panel: one-button trigger, easy operation
- Coffee concentration optional: light, moderate, thick
- Take the pot at any time and enjoy it at any time
- Detachable filter for easy cleaning
- 2 hours automatic insulation: automatic heating for 2 hours after brewing
- High-temperature hot water spray, even extraction essence: six-hole spray nozzle to ensure
  that hot water and high-temperature steam are evenly sprayed on the surface of coffee powder
- One machine for two purposes: brew coffee and boil tea (1. Add the appropriate amount of water to the water tank; 2.
  Add the appropriate amount of coffee powder / green tea leaves to the filter; 3. Click "On / Off" button)
- Four-step appointment: 1. Set the current time; 2. Set the appointment time; 3. Click “On/Standby”; 4. Set the desired taste.

Specification :

Model MD-259T
Voltage 220V~50Hz
Power 800W
Material  Stainless Steel
Color  Black
Weight  2.4kg
Capacity 1.5L
Size  164 x 205 x 325 mm
Plug  VDE

Package Includes :

1 x Set of Coffee Machine


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