Black Garlic Fermenter AC 220V 90W 6L Appliance Box Full Automatic Intelligent Control DIY Smart Maker (SOLD OUT)
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Capacity: 6L

Working Time:5-7 days

Working Voltage: AC 220V /50Hz

Rated Power: 90W

Size: 295x275mm



* SAVE TIME: Intelligent program for fermentation at 70-80 °C for 5-7 days, the processing time is 75% faster than traditional manual fermentation (conventional manual fermentation takes about 90 days). Or adds new drying function to enhance the fermentation effect and meet the different tastes, good practicality.

* EASY TO OPERATE: With 4 Smart buttons for easy fermenting solo garlic and multiple clove garlic & Add the multifunctional function button(Natto, Enzyme, Hair face, Rice wine, Yogurt) for freely adjust your favorite softness and dryness.

* MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Black garlic has many functions such as eliminating fatigue, improving physical strength, solving constipation, protecting the liver, improving prostate activity, promoting sleep and antioxidant. (the antioxidant capacity of this black garlic is 39 times that of ordinary garlic.)

* LARGE CAPACITY: With 6L large capacity, about 1.5-2kg of black garlic can be made at a time. (single clove garlic/ multiple clove garlic), make sure you put garlic full of the cooker every time, The more you put in, the better taste it will be.

* HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: High-end professional black garlic fermenter with intelligent hot air convection and humidity circle system. Equipped with an aluminum inner cooking pot and grid structure. Make it deep fermentation and more healthy, the surface after use clean and no internal residual sewage, beautiful, hygienic, To ensure make perfect black garlic.


Warm Tips:

1. When opening the lid as steam escaping will be extremely hot.

2. For best results with fermentation, always keep the lid closed during the entire fermentation process.

3. During fermenting; if the fermenter been plugged off or power failure and the fermenter will be stopped, once plugin or the power supply back to normal, the fermenter automatically continue to work. 


Package Includes:

1 x Fermenter

1 x Inner Pot

1 x Power Cord

1 x User Manual










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