Deerma DX600S Small Household Upright Appliance Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Description :
Deerma DX600S Small Household Upright Cleaner Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Feature :

Double Tip:
Deep cleaning double suction head. Applicable to all kinds of floors, suction, and brush, can absorb the dust at the bottom of the carpet, and also clean the floor, the deep dust and dirt of the tiles.

3 Big Brush Heads:
There are 3 big brush heads, you can freely switch to clean every place in your home. The dense brush head, with strong suction, scraping, brushing and sucking, deep cleaning and immediately clean.

With 270° Free Spin Cleaning:

It can cope with corners seamlessly and flexibly clean all corners. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a pulley design, with self-driven front action, easy and saving effort to promote cleaning.

Light To 2.7kg:
Well-design, the whole machine weighs 2.7kg, it is also convenient to clean the whole house with one hand.

Quadruple Filtering:
It can quickly filter fine dust particles, avoid clogging, maintain long-term suction, and discharge clean air to avoid secondary pollution.

Pinhole Stainless Steel Filter:
The filter screen is made of stainless steel, which does not generate static electricity, does not stick to the head and other impurities avoids clogging the filter hole, and reduces suction.

Heat Sink:

The three-dimensional rear vents protect the motor and extend the service life. At the same time, it can reduce wind resistance and reduce noise. On the other hand, It will work quietly, and even if the baby is asleep, it will not disturb him.

X type of standing storage stand. No space, no matter what you take, easy to keep your home clean and tidy.

Split dust cup design and washable design.


Basic Parameters Brand Deeram 
Model DX600S 
Type Vacuum Cleaner
Specifications Max Suction 15000Pa
Dust Box Capacity 0.8L
Noise <75dB
  Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 600W
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Product Weight 2.7kg
Package Contents 1 x Host, 1 X Take Over Parts, 1 X Instructions, 1 X Warranty Card, 1 X Certificate, 1 X Brush, 1 X  Flat Suction, 1 X  Pneumatic Brush















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