USB Bladeless Fan 12V Portable Electric Table Mini Bladeless Cooling Air Conditioner (SOLD OUT)
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-Size: 13.1 (down) * 17.3 (on) * 27 (high) CM

-Product Use voltage: 12V/700mA

-Product material: ABS

-Color: White




-Safety: Leafless fan without blade rotation, the use of high safety factor, no danger

-Environmental protection: Imported ABS material, ROHS environmental protection certification

-Power saving: Leafless fans are half the energy consumption of conventional fans

-Stable performance. Brushless motor engine, the normal working life of not less than 35,000 hours

-Comfortable: the leafless fan feels cool and windy with continuous airflow, without any impact, more stable and more comfortable

-Easy to clean: No leaf fan disassembly-free cleaning, usually use a cotton cloth to clean, can be completed in a few seconds, convenient and more time-saving, easy and effective

-Health. The leafless fan is optimized through air multiplication technology. It is 100% natural wind blowing in front of the human body. It contains oxygen ions, especially pregnant women. The weather is hot and the air conditioner is easy to get sick. The fanless fan has both pregnant women and babies. Very good protection! And it has good health effects for the elderly and children

Packaged included:

-1 X Table Mini Bladeless Fan

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