TRONXY® P802M DIY 3D Printer Kit 220*220*240mm Printing Size Support Off-line Print 1.75mm 0.4mm ( FREE SHIPPING )
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1. High accuracy printing can meet lots of  needs
2. Simple design, easy to operate, to avoid the cumbersome installation
3. Use Melzi 2.0-V5 board, with high performance and high stabilization
4. With 2 in 1 aluminum board and MK3 heat bed, heating fastly and evenly
5. Support off-line print
6. Printing layer thickness can be 0.1mm
7. Support most of the materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, Flexible filaments, carbon and so on

Model P802M
Machine  Color Black
Structure Acrylic frame
Operating system Windows/Linux/Mac
Printing size 220*220*240mm
Layer thickness 0.1-0.4mm
SD-card Support
LCD screen Support
XY axis speed 3000mm/min
Z-axis speed 200mm/min
Printing speed 40-120mm/s
Standard Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Extruder temperature 170-275°C
Hotbed material Bakelite,aluminum,PCB,glass
XY axis positioning accuracy 0.012mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy 0.004mm
Printing material support PLA ABS TPU WOOD
Recommended material PLA ABS
Printing material diameter 1.75mm
AC Power supply (EU Plug) 220V/110V 20A
Software language Chinese/English
Printing software Repetier-Host
Format STL, G-Code
Model supporting function Optional
Working condition Temp:10-30℃, Humidity:20-50%
Physical Dimensions & Weight
Machine size 500*470*420mm
Machine weight 7.5KG
Packing size 460*410*210mm
Packing weight 9KG

Package Included:

1x P802M DIY 3D Printer Kit (Details please check the package list)


1. Operating instruction
2. FTDI USB Driver
3. P802M Packing list
4. P802M Part List



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