Sunding Wireless Waterproof LCD Bicycle Bike Cycling Computer Odometer Speedometer Backlight ( FREE SHIPPING )
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The main function

 ● Dynamic display of driving mileage, cycling time, real-time speed, travel time, current time, current date;

 ● Check the fastest speed, average speed, total travel time, total mileage, and the current temperature at any time;

 ● With luminous function, using a high-end high-brightness cold light source, allowing you to check the information at a glance at the night

(17:00 PM - Press any key to light up in the morning at 8:00 AM, and it will automatically turn off after about 4 seconds.

    Press any key at other times is off, (the night light is not very bright); Please be sure to see clearly. )

 ● With metric/imperial unit selection, suitable for different users' hobbies at home and abroad;

 ● vehicle fueling/maintenance tips to protect your car's performance and longevity;

 ● With 12/24 hour system, Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature unit selection, perpetual calendar function, let you travel more confident;

 ● With stopwatch function, allowing you to accurately grasp the game data;

 ● Speeding reminds you to drive more safely;

 ● Wide range of applications, suitable for 4"-40" bicycles/electric vehicles, even motorcycles;

 ● speed comparison instructions, keep abreast of speed changes;

 ● Imported sensors, stable performance, accurate speed, ultra-wide working temperature;

 ● Ambient temperature display, clock function;

 ● Automatic standby function

 ● Stylish exterior light design, anti-rainwater design, it will wipe, easy to disassemble;


[Details of specific functions]:

1. SPD CURRENT SPEED/driving speed.

2. ODO ODOMETER / total mileage (0-99999 km/mile).

3. DST TRIP DISTANCE / single trip mileage.

4. MXS MAXIMUM SPEED / driving speed.

5. AVS AVERAGE SPEED / Average Speed.

6. OTM TOTAL TRIP TIME / accumulated travel time.

7. TM TRIP TIME / Single trip time.

8. RTM RIDING ALL TIME / Single trip time.

9. CLK CLOCK(12H/24H)/ Clock.

10. SW STOPWATCH / Stopwatch.

11. TEMPERATURE / Measure external temperature function (-20°C~90°C)

12. TM UP TRIP TIME UP/driving time is counted.

13. TM DN TRIP TIME DOWN / Countdown of driving time.

14. TRIP UP TRIP DISTANCE UP/ mileage calculation.

15. TRIP DN TRIP DISTANCE DOWN/Driving mileage countdown.

16. COMPARATOR / Contrast hint

Package included:

   1xWireless Bicycle Speedometer


   1xFixed tube

   1xConnect a

   1xThe clock base


   1xCable induction

   1xThe fixed frame

   1xConnecting rod

   1xThe instructions

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