OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker 300W Smart 1.2L Kitchen Appliances Rice Cooker From Xiaomi Youpin (SOLD OUT)
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Description :

XIAOMI OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker 300W Smart 1.2L Kitchen Appliances Rice Cooker 

- Innovative Bowl Shape Heating Plate 
Compared with the traditional heating chassis, the bowl design can enclose the inner heat of the inner tank more efficiently, and achieve continuous boiling in the pot, allowing the heat to penetrate the rice.

- NTC Temperature Probe 

Accurate temperature measurement, real-time monitoring of the cooking level of rice, locking the nutrition of rice

- PFA Powder Coating 
The thickened cast inner liner is heated to gather energy, which effectively improves the efficiency of cooking. Specially selected Dajin food contact grade PFA powder coating, lasting anti-shedding, cooking rice porridge non-stick pan cleaning is easier 

- 300W Low Power  

Energy-saving rice cooker. An average of 1 kWh can cook 2-3times, economical and practical. 

- One-button Cooking 
Function panel operation is very simple, one button to open 

Specification :

Model QF1201

Attachment Configuration

Rice spoon (PP material)

Measuring cup (PP material)

Color  White
Weight  1470g

159.5 x 189.5 x 190 mm

Capacity 1.2L




Control Method

The Main Function

Cooking, Porridge, Appointment, Insulation

NOTE: We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the country in the shipping address   

Package Includes :

1 x XIAOMI OCOOKER QF1201 Mini Rice Cooker 












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