Minleaf ML-VS1 120W Electric Vacuum Sealer Appliance Wet Dry Food Vacuum Packaging Household Vacuum Sealing Fruit Preservation Machine - White (SOLD OUT)
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Minleaf ML-VS1 120W Electric Vacuum Sealer Wet And Dry Dual Use Kitchen Food Vacuum Packaging Machine Household Vacuum Sealing 

- Separate Seal
 No need to start the vacuum pump, both separate thermal sealing.

- Outside Pumping Function
 With a strong suction force of -60kpa-70kpa, it can be connected to the suction pipe, suitable for various vacuum storage tanks, clothes storage bags, etc.
- Dry/Wet/Powder Universal
Adjustable in multiple modes, compatible with different types of bags, it can seal wet, soft and fragile foods.

- Extended Seal Design
Lengthen heating wire, support multi-package work, greatly improve work efficiency.
- Suitable for Vacuum Bags
All kinds of ribbed bags can be vacuum sealed 
Specification :

Brand  Minleaf
Model  ML-VS1 
Material  ABS
Color  White
Weight  1600g
Size  377 x 155 x 65MM
Voltage AC 220V / 50Hz
Power  120W
Single Seal Time 9-12 Seconds
Maximum Seal Width 300mm
Maximum Vacuum -50-55KPA
Pumping / Sealing Time ≤30S

Package Includes :

1 x Vacuum Sealer










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