Fish Feeder Automatic Multifunction Smart Aquarium Turtle Fish Tank Timer Feeder ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Model: CH-039

Color: Black+Red

Material: ABS

Function: Manual feeding, Four-period feeding setup, Time function

Power: 2 x AA batteries(Not included) 



1. Multi-function feeding: Set 4 accurate feedings every day, set 1-3 times of feeding each time, you can set different accurate time during vacation. You can also feed by hand and experience the fun of feeding.

2. Different methods: 2 ways to install the aquarium automatic feeding device. The first method is to mount the base on the bracket and then attach it to the water tank cover with double-sided stickers. Make sure the fish feeder is fixed at the water level.

3. Feeding square ring: Clean and tidy, prevent food from entering the filter, reduce food waste, keep the water clean and control food distribution, sucker folding food tray floats in the aquarium, float to keep fish food in an area.

4. Supply all fish food: The capacity is 200ml. There are adjustment switches on the feed box, which can be adjusted according to different fish food and feeding amounts.


Package Included:

1 x Automatic Fish Feeder

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