DediBot DF3 Intelligent FDM 3D Printer 150x175mm Build Volume With Mutil-color Option/ Auto Leveling/ Offline Printing/WIFI Connection/ Internal Filament Tray - Black ( FREE SHIPPING )
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- 6 colors for choose (black/silver/red/yellow/green/blue)
- Appearance patent
- Auto-leveling function, assure the best printing effect
- Autoload/unload filament
- One-click to print
- With Offline printing
- With an internal filament tray and translucent design, save space, keep filament clean
- The bottom plate does not need to be heated, safe and stable
- Smart APP(Moira) remote control
- Special design nozzle, durable to use
- Main chip up to 72mHz processing speed
-  Internal algorithms handle up to 256 subdivisions for ultra-low operating noise and vibration
- Advance noise-free technology is able to print under any circumstances - With the removable platform
- Support printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, PC, PVC and more


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1x DediBot DF3 3D printer

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