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THE PROBLEM: The #1 cause of Back and Neck Pain is BAD POSTURE!


Slouching in office chairs, reading papers on desks, looking down at smartphones, repetitive movements, heavy lifting, even relaxing on an overstuffed sofa… all these contribute to bad posture and your back pain.


THE SOLUTION: Slimerence Posture Corrector


In just minutes a day, you can be back on the path of having a strong, healthy, pain-free back and neck. Start with wearing your brace 20-30 minutes a day, build up your strength by adding 20 more minutes each week, and finally break free from your pain as your back grows strong enough to support itself with correct posture!




Proper sitting posture:


- Feet flat on the floor (or propped on a footstool if needed)

- Knees should be level with hips or even slightly higher

- Sit back in the chair so your spine is supported

- Shoulders should be relaxed, not pulled upward or elevated

- Ears should align with the shoulders

- Shoulders should not be rounded or hunched

- Computer screens should be at eye level so the neck can remain neutral


Proper standing posture:

- Shoulders back and relaxed

- Neck and head in line with shoulders from the side

- Weight balanced on both feet evenly, with feet about hip width apart and knees relaxed (not locked)

- Abdominal muscles slightly activated

- From the side, should be able to draw a straight line through the earlobe, shoulder, hip, ankle


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