BIKIGHT Kids Tricycle Bike Children 3 Wheels With Shade Toddler Balance Protection Baby Trolley Mini Bike Safety
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Color Pink / Purple / Green / Blue
Main Material High Carbon Steel Frame, Environmental Friendly Plastic
Cloth Material Knitted Fabric
Wheel Material Foam Wheel
Max Load Bearing  60KG
Fit For 6 Months To 6 Years Old Kids



1. Push handle can be adjusted high and low: adjust the rear handle by four blocks, you can adjust the push handle according to your height,
suitable for different groups of people to use high and low

2. Increase the comfort of the seat: upgrade backrest design to better protect your baby's spine, let the baby develop a good sitting position.

3. Exquisite hand-made basket: environmental protection is beautiful and durable. It can store the baby's small items and increase
the appearance of the car.

4. Prevent ultraviolet rays: Sunlight weather can give the baby better care and care.

5. Cartoon bell design: beautiful, Coton image design, childlike cute.

6. Increase the bolster: head pillow increased thickening, softer, and comfortable.

7. Double brakes: double brakes on the rear wheels to better protect your baby's safety.

8. When the baby is 6-12 months old, the pusher controls and the pedal assists.

10. When the baby is 12-18 months old, remove the awning and guardrail, take the baby to the outside and push it to side.

11. After your baby is 18 months old or older, you can remove the pedals and the bar to let your baby experience cycling fun.


Package Included:

1 × Children Bike



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