72W UV LED Nail Lamp SUN5s UV Light Nail Dryer Machine Curing Gel Polish Nail Fashion - EU plug ( FREE SHIPPING )
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Product Description
Power: 72W
Wavelength: 365+405nm
Intelligent induction: 10s/30s/60s and 90s low heat mode
Lamp beads: 30 dual-source UV/LED lamp beads
Baking type: phototherapy glue. Nail glue, extended glue, etc.
Light source: dual light source UV/LED
Material: ABS
- BIGGER SPACE: Our nail lamp designed with a bigger body and large internal space for two hands or feet in at the same time, not to worry about bumping sides or messing up the polish. With the removable bottom, the Humanized touch button and large LCD screen make operation more convenient and quick.
- Painless 90s MODE: 72w(10s/30s/60s) high heat mode can feed your need for quick-drying, while (90s) low heat mode will dry your nails comfortably without any pains. Choose different modes based on your preference.
- AUTOMATIC SENSOR: The nail dryer starts automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing any time setting button. And if you want to switch 10s/30s/60s/90s to the automatic sensor, just press the button again.
- PERFECT FOR ALL GELS: One nail lamp can dry all glues, with 365nm+405nm 72W UV/LED light source design, which is suitable for all UV and LED gel nail polish,e.g. Hard Gels, Builder, sculpture gel, gem glue etc..Ideal for both home and salon use.And also a nice gift for your friends.
1. Sunshine nail dryer, comfortable eye contact, relieve the burning sensation
2. This product uses double-core 365+405nmnm LED lamp beads, which can quickly dry UV glue/extension glue/LED glue
3. The sunlight manicure and phototherapy machine will not blacken your hand or hurt it
4. Infrared sensors will start itself when handing into the nail lamp
5. 30 pcs strategically placed LEDs, no dead-zone, more free
6. Cures all kinds of nail gel polish: LED gel, UV gel, Builder gel, Sculpture gel, etc
7. All 30 LED beads (including infrared ones) turn on/off when users’ fingers are in/out.
Package includes:
1*phototherapy machine
1* adapter
1* User Manual

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