30000mAh Portable Fast Charging LED Lighting Power Bank Case - Grey - Bakeey ( FREE SHIPPING )
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1.Pure software fast charge program, lead-free environmental protection motherboard.

 2. The dual USB power outlet can charge two mobile phones at the same time, two power supply fast charging input.

3. It comes with two LED lights, convenient for you to travel, outdoor work.

4. The digital display, accurately displays the charging treasure power, so that the charging and discharging work state at a glance.

5.The appearance size 210 * 80 * 23mm, with R9 around, with a new ABS material matte surface, comfortable grip.

6. Built-in 10 18650 cylindrical batteries, the maximum can be achieved 30000mAh.

7. The buttons, work indicator, power indicator, input, and output interface, etc. are more in line with the usage habits, and the operation is more convenient.


General Specification:

Brand: Bakeey

Capacity: 30000mAh

Product Weight: 128g

Dimensions: 210 * 80 * 23mm


Technical Parameters:

Battery Type: 18650 cylindrical batteries(Not Included)

Input: 5V / 2.0A

Output: 5V / 3A  Max

Certification: RHOS FCC CE 


Package  Included:
1*Bakeey 30000 mAh Large Capacity Portable Fast Charging With Kit Lighting Power Bank Case



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